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# Titre Auteurs Année Classement AERES
Résultats 26 - 50 de 990
26 Quantifying the resuspension of sediment and associated metallic contaminants with fallout radionuclide measurements in a channelized river draining an industrial catchment Zebracki, Mathilde; Alary, Claire; Lefèvre, Irène; Nan-Hammade, Vasilica; Evrard, Olivier; Bonté, Philippe 2016 ACL
27 Nanoparticles in waste: New threat? Vandenbulcke, Franck 2016 INV
28 Isolation and characterization of eight polymorphic microsatellites markers for the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris Souleman, Dima; Grumiaux, Fabien; Frérot, Hélène; Vandenbulcke, Franck; Pauwels, Maxime 2016 ACL
29 Interactions between sewage sludge-amended soil and earthworms—comparison between Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei composting species Rorat, Agnieszka; Suleiman, Hanine; Grobelak, Anna; Grosser, Anna; Kacprzak, Malgorzata; Plytycz, Barbara; Vandenbulcke, Franck 2016 ACL
30 Assessment of oral and lung bioaccessibilities of metals from smelter-impacted dust Pelfrene, Aurélie; Grard, Olivier; Heyman, Christophe; Douay, Francis 2016 ACTI
31 Metal, nutrient and biomass accumulation during the growing cycle of Miscanthus established on metal-contaminated soils Nsanganwimana, Florien; Waterlot, Christophe; Louvel, Brice; Pourrut, Bertrand; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
32 Combined effect of Cd and Pb spiked field soils on bioaccumulation, DNA damage, and peroxidase activities in Trifolium repens Lanier, Caroline; Bernard, Fabien; Dumez, Sylvain; Leclercq, Julie; Lemière, Sébastien; Vandenbulcke, Franck; Nesslany, Fabrice; Platel, Anne; Devred, I.; Cuny, Damien; Deram, Annabelle 2016 ACL
33 Intensify Production, Transform Biomass to Energy and Novel Goods and Protect Soils in Europe (INTENSE) Mench, Michel; Benot, Marie-Lise; Castagneyrol, Bastien; Marchand, Lilian; Oustrière, Nadège; Sæbø, A.; Persson, T.; Schröder, Peter; Szulc, Wieslaw; Vangronsveld, Jaco; Witters, Nele; Rineau, François; Weyens, Nele; Daniels, S.; Millán, Rocio; Schmid, Thomas; Poschenrieder, Charlotte; Marmiroli, Nelson; Maestri, Elena; Douay, Francis 2016 ACTI
34 Effective radium concentration in topsoils contaminated by lead and zinc smelters Girault, Frédéric; Perrier, Frédéric; Poitou, Charles; Isambert, Aude; Théveniaut, Hervé; Laperche, Valérie; Clozel-Leloup, Blandine; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
35 Metallothionein as a Scavenger of Free Radicals-New Cardioprotective Therapeutic Agent or Initiator of Tumor Chemoresistance? Heger, Z.; Rodrigo, M. A.; Krizkova, S.; Ruttkay-Nedecky, B.; Zalewska, M.; Del-Pozo, E. M.; Pelfrene, Aurélie; Pourrut, Bertrand; Stiborova, M.; Eckschlager, T.; Emri, G.; Kizek, R.; Adam, V. 2016 ACL
36 Value of Miscanthus biochars to decrease the availability of metals in aqueous solutions Janus, Adeline; Pelfrene, Aurélie; Sahmer, Karin; Heymans, Sophie; Deboffe, Christophe; Douay, Francis; Waterlot, Christophe 2016 ACTI
37 Effect of the type of contamination and land use on soil enzymatic activities: results of the french « Bioindicators program  » Cheviron, Nathalie; Gattin, Isabelle; Criquet, Steven; Marrauld, Christelle; Laval, Karine; Peres, Guenola; Bispo, Antonio; Béguiristain, Thierry; Faure, Olivier; Douay, Francis; Hitmi, Adnane; Mougin, Christian 2016 ACTI
38 La qualité des sols urbains entre en politique : du désordre aux nouveaux agencements sociotechniques dans les jardins collectifs urbains Canavese, Marine; Bouquet, Dorine; Grenet, Marie; Lebeau, Thierry; Béchet, Béatrice; Le-Guern, Cécile; Douay, Francis; Pinte, Emilie; Berthier, Nathalie; Branchu, Philippe; Cambier, Philippe; Rémy, Elisabeth 2016 COM
39 Antioxidant defense gene analysis in Brassica oleracea and Trifolium repens exposed to Cd and/or Pb Bernard, Fabien; Dumez, Sylvain; Brulle, Franck; Lemière, Sébastien; Platel, Anne; Nesslany, Fabrice; Cuny, Damien; Deram, Annabelle; Vandenbulcke, Franck 2016 ACL
40 Sustainability of an in situ aided phytostabilisation on highly contaminated soils using fly ashes: Effects on the vertical distribution of physicochemical parameters and trace elements Bidar, Géraldine; Waterlot, Christophe; Verdin, Anthony; Proix, Nicolas; Courcot, Dominique; Detriche, Sébastien; Fourrier, Hervé; Richard, Antoine; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
41 Backfilling grout including a major part of fine sediments Dubois, Vincent; Wirquin, Eric; Maherzi, Walid; Benzerzour, Mahfoud 2016 ACTI
42 Effect of formulation parameters on adhesive properties of ANSI 118-15 and A118-11 compliant tile adhesive mortars Petit, Jean-Yves; Comelli, Benjamin; Perrin, Renaud; Wirquin, Eric 2016 ACL
43 Fresh and hardened state properties of hemp concrete made up of a large proportion of quarry fines for the production of blocks Dubois, Vincent; Wirquin, Eric; Flament, Cédric; Sloma, Philippe 2016 ACL
44 Fluxmètre thermique, demande de brevet Français sous le numéro 1651535 Chartier, Thierry; Carpentier, Olivier 2016 VAL
45 Discrete Element study of granular material — Bumpy wall interface behavior El-Cheikh, Khadija; Rémond, Sébastien; Pizette, Patrick; Vanhove, Yannick; Djelal-Dantec, Chafika 2016 ACL
46 Mechanical properties of high performance self-compacting concretes at room and high temperature Pineaud, Alexandre; Pimienta, Pierre; Rémond, Sébastien; Carré, Hélène 2016 ACL
47 Fresh behavior of mortar based on recycled sand – Influence of moisture condition Le, Thang; Rémond, Sébastien; Saout, Gwenn Le; Garcia-Diaz, Eric 2016 ACL
48 Simulation of aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons remobilization from a river sediment using laboratory experiments supported by passive sampling techniques Belles, Angel; Mamindy-Pajany, Yannick; Alary, Claire 2016 ACL
49 Identification of Thermal Properties and Thermodynamic Model for a Cement Mortar Containing PCM by Using Inverse Method Tittelein, Pierre; Gibout, Stéphane; Franquet, Erwin; Zalewski, Laurent; Defer, Didier 2015 ACTI
50 On-line fast parametric estimation of building thermal behavior using algebraic methods Alhaj-Hasan, Ola; Abouaissa, Hassane; Defer, Didier 2015 ACTI

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