Laboratoire Génie Civil et géo-Environnement Lille Nord de France

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# Titre Auteurs Année Classement AERES
Résultats 126 - 150 de 990
126 New Model of Piezoelectric Accelerometer Relative Movement Modulus Ghemari, Zine; Saad, Salah; Amrouche, Abdelwaheb; Lakehal, Abdelaziz 2015 ACL
127 Effect of laser shock peening and cold expansion on fatigue performance of open hole samples Rubio-Gonzalez, C.; Gomez-Rosas, G.; Ruiz, R.; Nait-Abdelaziz, Moussa; Amrouche, Abdelwaheb 2015 ACL
128 Correlation between adhesion energy of release agents on the formwork and demoulding performances Libessart, Laurent; Djelal-Dantec, Chafika; de Caro, Pascale; Dubois, Isabelle 2015 ACL
129 Finite element simulation of fatigue damage accumulation for repaired component by cold expansion method Multiphysics Modelloing and simulation for Systems Design and Monitoring Aid, A.; Benguediab, Mohamed; Amrouche, Abdelwaheb 2015 OS
130 A modified nonlinear fatigue damage accumulation model under multiaxial variable amplitude loading Benkabouche, S.; Guechichi, H.; Amrouche, Abdelwaheb; Benkhettab, Mohamed 2015 ACL
131 Coupled effects of substrate microstructure and sulphuric acid anodizing on fatigue life of a 2017A aluminum alloy Fares, Chahinez; Hemmouche, L.; Belouchrani, M. A.; Amrouche, Abdelwaheb; Chicot, Didier; Puchi-Cabrera, E. S. 2015 ACL
132 Fretting-fatigue simulation of polycrystalline aluminium alloy using crystal plasticity finite element method Ziraoui, Hichem; Kanit, Toufik; Amrouche, Abdelwaheb; Naït-Abdelaziz, Moussa 2015 ACTI
133 Combine Use of NDT/SDT methods for the assessment of structural timber members Carpentier, Olivier; Chartier, Thierry; Antczak, Emmanuel; Descamps, Thierry; Parys, Laurent Van 2015 OS
134 Active and quantitative infrared thermography using frequential analysis applied to the monitoring of historic timber structure Carpentier, Olivier; Chartier, Thierry; Antczak, Emmanuel; Descamps, Thierry; Parys, Laurent Van 2015 ACTI
135 Historic timber roofs modelling: prosthesis and resin repairs Descamps, Thierry; coralie Avez, ; Carpentier, Olivier; Antczak, Emmanuel; Jeong, Gi Young 2015 ACTI
136 Strutural analysis of porous media by means of thermal methods: theroy and monitoring equipment Carpentier, Olivier; Chartier, Thierry; Antczak, Emmanuel; Descamps, Thierry; Parys, Laurent Van 2015 ACTI
137 Re-use of quarry fines for the production of blocks Dubois, Vincent; Wirquin, Eric; Flament, Cédric; Schmid, Christelle; Chartier, Thierry 2015 ACTI
138 Effect of flax fibers treatments on the rheological and the mechanical behavior of a cement composite Chafei, Sawsen; Khadraoui, Fouzia; Boutouil, Mohamed; Gomina, Moussa 2015 ACL
139 Rheological and mechanical behavior of earth materials / starch mixes Alhaik, Ghaith; Ferreira, Michel; Dubois, Vincent; Wirquin, Eric; SébastienTilloy, ; Monflier, Eric; Aouad, George 2015 ACTI
140 Bioaccumulation dans les tissus des espèces marines fréquentant leszones d’immersio Gregoire, P.; Benzerzour, Mahfoud; Abriak, Nor-Edine; Damidot, Denis 2015 ACL
141 Influence of fine recycled concrete aggregates on the properties of mortars Zhao, Zengfeng; Rémond, Sébastien; Damidot, Denis; Xu, Weiya 2015 ACL
142 Discovery of metamorphic microdiamonds from the parautochthonous units of the Variscan French Massif Central Thiery, Vincent; Rolin, Patrick; Dubois, Michel; Caumon, Marie-Camille 2015 ACL
143 Accounting for joints effect on the failure mechanisms of shallow underground chalk quarries Rafeh, F.; Mroueh, Hussein; Burlon, S. 2015 ACL
144 Band-gap and phonon distribution in alkali halides, I., Messaoudi I.; Zaoui, Ali; M., Ferhat 2015 ACL
145 Stability and adhesion of calcite/montmorillonite assembly Sekkal, W.; Zaoui, Ali; Shahrour, Isam 2015 ACL
146 Can clays ensure nuclear waste repositories ? Zaoui, Ali; Sekkal, W. 2015 ACL
147 Composite element model for the bonded anchorage head of stranded wire cable in tension Chen, S. H.; Zhang, X.; Shahrour, Isam 2015 ACL
148 A route to possible civil engineering materials: the case of high-pressure phases of lime, A., Bouibes; Zaoui, Ali 2015 ACL
149 Investigating new polymorphs of Zn-O from variable composition, A., Bouibes; Zaoui, Ali 2015 ACL
150 Structural and thermodynamics properties of organo-modified montmorillonite clay Anoukou, K.; Zaoui, Ali; Zairi, F.; Nait-Abdelaziz, M.; Gloaguen, J. M. 2015 ACL

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