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# Titre Auteurs Année Classement AERES
Résultats 1 - 25 de 990
1 Wetting and nanodroplet contact angle of the clay 2:1 surface: The case of Na-montmorillonite (001) Zheng, Yuanyuan; Zaoui, Ali 2017
2 Exploring novel phases of Cd�O system at ambient pressure Zaoui, Ali; Ferhat., M. 2017
3 Effective radium concentration in topsoils contaminated by lead and zinc smelters Girault, Frederic; Perrier, Frederic; Poitou, Charles; Isambert, Aude; Theveniaut, Herve; Laperche, Valerie; Clozel-Leloup, Blandine; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
4 Prediction of Extractable Cd, Pb and Zn in Contaminated Woody Habitat Soils Using a Change Point Detection Method Waterlot, Christophe; Pruvot, Christelle; Bidar, Géraldine; Fritsch, Clementine; Vaufleury, Annette De; Scheifler, Renaud; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
5 Numerical Method Approach to Calculate Earth-Energy of Earth-Pipe-Air Heat-Exchanger for Winter Heating Molcrette, Vincent F. A.; Autier, Vincent R. B.; Zalewski, Laurent; Lassue, Stéphane 2016 ACL
6 Metal, nutrient and biomass accumulation during the growing cycle of Miscanthus established on metal-contaminated soils Nsanganwimana, Florien; Waterlot, Christophe; Louvel, Brice; Pourrut, Bertrand; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
7 Sustainability of an in situ aided phytostabilisation on highly contaminated soils using fly ashes: Effects on the vertical distribution of physicochemical parameters and trace elements Bidar, Géraldine; Waterlot, Christophe; Verdin, Anthony; Proix, Nicolas; Courcot, Dominique; Detriche, Sébastien; Fourrier, Hervé; Richard, Antoine; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
8 Role of porosity on the stiffness and stability of (001) surface of the nanogranular C-S-H gel Sekkal, W.; Zaoui, Ali; Benzerzour, Mafhoud; Abriak, N. E. 2016 ACL
9 First-principles calculations of electronic and magnetic properties in ferromagnetic MnSeS, MnSeTe and MnSePo ternary systems Adli, W.; Zaoui, Ali; Ferhat, M. 2016 ACL
10 Capture and sequestration of CO2 in the interlayer space of hydrated calcium Montmorillonite clay under various geological burial depth Yang, W.; Zaoui, Ali 2016 ACL
11 Magnetism of 3d Transition Metals Doped 2H, 4H and 6H-GaN Polytypes Torrichi, M.; Zaoui, Ali; Ferhat, M. 2016 ACL
12 Ferromagnetism-dependent polytypism: CrAs versus MnAs Benaissa, H.; Zaoui, Ali; Ferhat, M. 2016 ACL
13 Mineralization of CO2 in hydrated calcium Montmorillonite, Yang, W.; Zaoui, Ali 2016 ACL
14 Exploring global phase stability of (VN)(1)/(InN)(1) and (CrN)(1)/(GaN)(1) superlattices from densityfunctional theory Belmiloud, N.; Zaoui, Ali; Madouri, D.; Ferhat, M. 2016 ACL
15 Assessing Water Quality Using GIS: The case of Northern Lebanon Miocne Aquifer Saba, Marianne; Iaaly, A; Carlier, Erick; Georges, N 2016 ACL
16 Impact of global warming on Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) relationship of precipitation, A Case Study of Toronto, Canada Carlier, Erick; El-Khattabi, Jamal 2016 ACL
17 Thermophysical and hydric properties estimation based on a double inverse analysis Derbal, Radhouan; Defer, Didier 2016 ACL
18 Building energy consumption flatness-based control using algebraic on-line estimation Alhaj-Hasan, Ola; Abouaissa, Hassane; Shahrour, Isam; Defer, Didier 2016 ACL
19 Designing an Automatic Control System for the Improved Functioning of a Solar Wall with Phase Change Material (PCM) Favier, Patrick; Zalewski, Laurent; Lassue, Stéphane; Anwar, Sohail 2016 ACL
20 Dynamic thermal performance of three types of unfired earth bricks El-Fgaier, Fayçal; Lafhaj, Zoubeir; Antczak, Emmanuel; Chapiseau, Christophe 2016
21 Effect of sorption capacity on thermo-mechanical properties of unfired clay bricks El-Fgaier, Fayçal; Lafhaj, Zoubeir; Chapiseau, Christophe; Antczak, Emmanuel 2016 ACL
22 Development of a Cylindrical Probe Designed for Thermal Characterization of Granular Materials Chauchois, Alexis; Defer, Didier; Choi, H; Antczak, Emmanuel; Brachelet, Franck; Asli, Mounir 2016 ACL
23 Prediction of Extractable Cd, Pb and Zn in Contaminated Woody Habitat Soils Using a Change Point Detection Method Waterlot, Christophe; Pruvot, Christelle; Bidar, Géraldine; Fritsch, Clémentine; De-Vaufleury, Annette; Scheifler, Renaud; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
24 Determining the influence of the physicochemical parameters of urban soils on As availability using chemometric methods: A preliminary study Waterlot, Christophe; Pelfrene, Aurélie; Douay, Francis 2016 ACL
25 Temperature effects on retention and separation of PAHs in reversed-phase liquid chromatography using columns packed with fully porous and core-shell particles. Waterlot, Christophe; Goulas, A. 2016 ACL

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